QUICKflight: A Versatile Free Fall

The QUICKflight is one of Head Rush Tech's unique free fall devices that challenges participants to take a leap into thin air from heights ranging from 15 ft (4.5m) all the way up to 75 ft (21.8m). After a thrilling free fall, the QUICKflight free fall device softly catches the jumper and lowers them to the ground. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the challenge of jumping, the free fall experience, and the feeling of achievement that comes with pushing their boundaries.


The QUICKflight is a versatile device that can be used in many locations, indoor or outdoor. Ropes courses and challenge courses often use the QUICKflight as a final element on their course to give participants one last challenge. It also provides a quick and easy way for participants to descend from the course, increasing throughput while adding a "wow" factor. Camps have used the QUICKflight as a unique challenge element that gives campers a sense of accomplishment.

QUICKflight is also a great attraction for amusement parks, family entertainment centers, resorts, shopping centers, and more who want to use this free fall device as an attraction of its own. There are three QUICKflight to choose from (Low Mount, regular, and XL) depending on the available or desired height and the level of challenge you want to give participants.


One of the things that makes our free fall devices especially fun and unique is our magnetic braking technology. The rip cord provide a free fall before the braking is engaged smoothly, no other device provides that true free fall sensation. Rip cord options allow operators to increase this free fall distance if they want to up the thrill factor. Check out our blog post on free falling physics if you are wondering "what is free fall?"

The QUICKflight is a compact, modular unit that requires a simple mounting setup and is easy to install or relocate. The magnetic braking technology is engineered for both indoor and outdoor use, so your imagination is the limit on where to QUICKflight. There are no sacrificial wear parts (e.g. no contacting parts during braking), so the QUICKflight has minimal maintenance and a low cost of ownership.

This free fall device is an affordable element for any ropes course or amusement ride for any family entertainment center. In fact, the device can pay for itself in a matter of days. Check out the incredible return on investment that you could see with a QUICKflight at your facility.

Creative Installations

Many facilities use QUICKflight to add extra excitement to their current activities while others use QUICKflight to create a unique, stand-alone attraction. Here are a few examples of great QUICKflight setups.

1. Seikkailupuisto PAKKA is an adventure park in Kalajoki, Finland that includes a tower with two QUICKflights in addition to climbing and zip lining. This park highlights the many uses of a single platform: climbing, jumping, and zip lining are all featured on one tower.

2. Challenges Unlimited, Inc. built this stand-alone jump pole at Lake Ridge Ski Resort in Uxbridge, Ontario to feature two QUICKflight at different heights. It's a great example of creating an attraction with a very small footprint.

3. Marble Zip Tours built this stand-alone jump pole at Lake Ridge Ski Resort in Uxbridge, Ontario to feature two QUICKjumps at different heights. It's a great example of creating an attraction with a very small footprint.

4. Klatrehallen a Norwegian climbing gym, recently added a QUICKjump to their facility. They already had tall walls and bouldering pads for a soft landing, all their needed was the QUICKjump.

5. Muskoka ZipLines & Aerial Park in Bracebridge, Ontario has a number of thrill opportunities, including their jump tower with a QUICKjump. It’s a stand-alone tower that offers guests extra thrills in addition to their zip line and aerial adventure course.


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