One Easy Trick to Double the Efficiency of Your Zip Line

The Impact Trolley is an incredible zip line trolley for a wide variety of reasons, even when it is not being used in conjunction with other Head Rush products. The Impact Trolley can decrease wear on vital zip line components, create a smoother braking experience and much more all by itself. The Impact Trolley really shines when it is paired with the complete zipSTOP system, especially the Head Rush Brake Trolley. There is one benefit that puts the Impact Trolley in a category of its own when it is paired with the Head Rush Brake Trolley. Together the Impact Trolley and the Brake Trolley can eliminate rider rollback when used in a zip line trolley return system.

Pretend that you are a customer on one of your zip line courses. It's a beautiful spring day. The sun is shining. It's warm enough so you're not cold while zipping, but you're not hot in between lines. The flowers are starting to bloom and the view from your zip lines is immaculate. Up to this moment the tour is going perfectly. Then, someone in your group rolls back from the platform and they can't make it back under their own power.

Now your group is stuck waiting for the rider to be rescued.

The entire almost perfect experience has been tainted due to this one unfortunate event. Your customer satisfaction went from five stars to two. Your customer is less likely to come back for a repeat visit and even less likely to recommend your zip line to a friend. What's even more frustrating is that this didn't happen to just one group. Every single group behind you is delayed as well. That is a lot of unhappy customers that hate waiting.

Not only are your customers livid but the efficiency of your entire operation is ruined for the day. Even if the rider is able to get back under their own power, how much time and efficiency is being wasted in these little moments? If your maximum capacity is 300 riders per day and each of your participants spends only 10 seconds pulling themselves back to the platform that's five minutes a day. That adds up to 30 hours and 25 minutes a year. You could add more than an entire day of business every year by eliminating rider rollback!

Ten seconds isn't even that much time. If you have a longer zip line course this could be costing you much more. Keep the number of riders per day at 300. Instead, your participants are spending an average of one minute, spread over the entire course of the tour. That equals 5 hours lost every day. That means you're losing more than 76 full days of operating time every year. That's two and a half months of operating time wasted on rider rollback. Could you imagine how much more successful your business could be if you operated for two and a half extra months a year? Now imagine you get 5 more months instead. If your facility operates for 12 hours every day then two and a half months of pure operating time translates into 5 actual months.

Are you interested in minimizing downtime yet?

impact trolley catch mechanism

The Impact Trolley with hook and the Brake Trolley with a catch mechanism come together to create an incredibly powerful combination that minimizes downtime and increases throughput. When the LightSpeed Impact Zip Line Trolley and the Brake Trolley meet, the hook on the Impact Trolley slides under the catch mechanism on the Brake Trolley. The catch mechanism then lowers and latches the two trolleys together.

impact trolley retrieval

This allows the zip line guide to quickly reel the rider into the platform.

That's it. The solution is simple because the problem is simple. Yet this simple problem might be costing you an immense amount of time and money. This problem is so easy to fix, it would be foolish to not address it. Efficiency is vital for zip line operations. The less time it takes for participants to get through the course, the more customers you can serve overall. The more customers you serve, the more revenue you can bring in the door.

How much time are participants spending on your course simply trying to get back to the platform? Don't force your customers to haul themselves back to the platform. Increase your customer satisfaction and increase the efficiency of your zip line. Install the Brake Trolley with a Catch Mechanism and give your riders Impact Trolleys. Your investment in this zip line gear will yield dividends beyond your imagination.

Buy the Impact Trolley with Hook Accessory at the Head Rush Store

Buy the Brake Trolley with Catch Mechanism at the Head Rush Store

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