Maximize The Potential of Your Existing Platforms & Structures

Whether you're a zip line tour, challenge course, aerial park, resort, adventure park, family entertainment center, or experiential learning facility, you probably already have platforms or towers in place. These structures can be costly and time-consuming to design and construct, so you might as well make the most of them.

To help you understand how to maximize the power of your existing platforms, we have created a white paper with specific strategies and ideas for increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

This white paper explains how a minimal investment can expand your activity offerings in order to significantly increase profits. By exploring some out-of-the-box ideas, you will discover ways you can further maximize the potential of your existing infrastructure by turning towers and platforms from single-purpose features into multi-purpose income generators.

The Challenge

Platforms Are Designed as Single-use Structures

The challenge is that many facilities treat platforms as single-use structures with a limited purpose. Each structure is used for one specific activity, whether that's climbing, jumping, zipping, or as a transition from one activity to another. While these platforms no doubt serve an important purpose in your operation, they don't actively work to increase revenue, maximize throughput, or satisfy your customers. Building platforms for individual activities is time-consuming, expensive, and hurts the overall ROI of your facility.

The Solution

Start Viewing Your Platforms as Potential Revenue Streams

The key to generating more revenue from your existing platform is to think creatively about ways to utilize it to its full capacity. Your existing structures can support a wide variety of activities that can contribute to improved customer experience, increased throughput capacity, and maximized revenue potential. Rather than utilizing one structure for each activity, consider ways to bundle multiple activities together onto your existing towers, creating a multi-use space that takes advantage of the potential for big gains with a minimal investment.

Download the White Paper to learn more about specific strategies for turning your existing platforms into revenue-generating multi-use spaces.

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