Learn How These Climbing Gyms Got Featured on EPIC TV

We all know that being featured on a hit TV show, podcast, YouTube channel, or getting a write up in a major publication can be great for business, especially when it’s positive. But how can you attract such publicity? In this blog, we’ll explore how three climbing gyms managed to land a spot in the recent Epic TV episode, You Won't BELIEVE These 3 Climbing Wall Features. Want even more inspiration? We’ll include examples of other unique builds to get your imagination going. But first, the feature presentation.



As you may have noticed, each of the climbing gyms featured in the Epic TV episode had something to differentiate themselves from most other gyms; something to make them stand apart. For The Boardroom, it was their psicobloc, an impressive indoor free solo wall that’s 8-meters high. For Studio Bloc, it was their spinning holds (yes, moving holds can be a good thing!). And, for Kendal Climbing Wall it was their via ferrate free fall exit with a QUICKjump — talk about an epic adventure!

Let’s take a closer look at that last example, Kendal Climbing Wall. Long held separate in some regions of the world, Kendal Climbing Wall has done a phenomenal job of bridging the gap between the climbing and adventure industries. Sure, some hardcore traditionalist may cringe at the thought of including gym features other than ones meant for climbing, but as you can see sometimes it pays to be different. For those still looking for their claim to distinction, here are three more climbing gyms that utilize adventure elements to make their facility standout:


Riveter Facility Entrance
Riveter is so much more than just a climbing gym — sitting on 16 acres, Riveter is a wellness arena featuring a 40,000 SF recreation facility, a bike park, indoor climbing, yoga and a libation station. What more could you ask for?

Climb Woodlands

Climb Woodlands Instagram Post of Ropes Course
Perched above their climbing area, Climb Woodlands has an adventure ropes course challenge. This not only offers customers a rare experience, it also makes the most of what would otherwise be unused space. Plus, this feature makes for a great team building activity, which can attract all types of large groups.


CityRock Indoor Climbing Cave
CityRock might have one of the more exceptional claims out there: an artificial caving element. That’s right, tucked underneath their climbing facility lays 225 feet of cave passages. For those who explore the cave, CityRock has made the experience not only educational, they’ve gamified it too. No wonder they made it onto The Travel Channel’s Worlds Coolest Climbing Gyms list.

In the end, it’s all about trying to find a way to distinguish your facility from the rest. Perhaps you’ve already gone to great lengths to set yourself apart from other climbing gyms. Maybe you have a world-class café, outdoor walls that soar high into the sky (like BaseCamp or HighPoint), a building with a unique past or are the largest indoor climbing facility in the country? Regardless of what it is, if you want to get noticed you’ll need something that screams different. When done right, you’ll likely standout from the gym down the road, and who knows, maybe you’ll even get highlighted on EPIC TV.

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