The Importance of Annual Service for Your Head Rush Devices

The Importance of Annual Service for Your Head Rush Devices
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The Importance of Annual Service for Your Head Rush Devices

Head Rush devices are the most reliable products on the market — our eddy current magnetic braking technology means there are no contacting parts used in braking to wear out or fail. This reliability doesn't mean we slack on our safety checks though, and annual service is a part of our commitment to reducing risk. Auto belays, zip line brakes and free fall brakes are life safety devices after all. We take that role very seriously and think you should too.

While annual recertification of all Head Rush devices is mandatory to ensure compliance with safety standards like CE and ANSI, there are numerous other benefits to a one-year service cycle.

4 Benefits of Yearly Service

  1. Minimize Risk
  2. By failing to stay on top of annual service, you increase the chances of missing necessary maintenance for your devices. Why put yourself and your business at risk? Make sure nothing goes wrong with your devices and reduce your chances of being held liable by taking the simple step of getting them recertified every year.

  3. Maintain the Warranty
  4. As the owner/operator of Head Rush devices, you are obligated to follow the recertification requirements outlined in the device manual. Failure to recertify your Head Rush device will render the unit not fit for use and will void the product warranty. Avoid having this happen by committing to annual service.

  5. Maximize Performance
  6. Servicing your device is like brushing your teeth or changing the oil in your car — if you’re good to them, they’ll be good to you. When we receive your device for service, it goes through a 62-point inspection process. The internal components are checked to ensure they are still in good condition, and any repairs or updates are made if required. Some devices have parts that are replaced every year, like the retraction spring in the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake, to maximize its performance. Each device is reassembled, tested on the TRU TEST where the full range of weights are applied to make sure it is performing properly, and thoroughly cleaned.

  7. Rest Assured
  8. As you know, the TRUBLUE, ZipSTOP and QuickFlight are all life safety devices, and the importance of safety can't be minimized. A yearly check-up for your device is not only an essential part of ownership but can also provide peace of mind and help you sleep at night.

To find out when your device is due for service first check the recertification date on the label of your device. The label looks like this:
HRT Device Label

If for some reason you cannot locate the recertification date, email [email protected] to determine when to send in your device for servicing.

You will also receive email reminders in advance of needing to recertify your device, although you should not rely solo on these to remember. Consider adding service dates to your calendar as well just to cover all the bases. One more consideration is whether to have all of your devices undergo annual service at once during your slow season or stagger it out over time. Either way, come up with a regular schedule that you can plan on and won’t forget.

Know you need to service a device? Start the recertification process here.

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