What is Eddy Current Magnetic Braking Technology?

Head Rush Tech is known for creating devices that are extremely reliable, that self-regulate based on rider weights, and provide a smooth, comfortable experience for the users. These benefits are largely due to our patented magnetic braking technology used in our devices. The technology is unique in that eddy current magnetic braking is used, and this braking technology involves no contacting parts in creating the braking force.

It is a breakthrough technology that has pushed Head Rush to the forefront as an adventure equipment manufacturer. It is trusted around the globe, and there are hundreds of millions of cycles on our devices each year on the thousands of devices in use worldwide. Learn more about the technology and how our devices work with this short video. Even though it sounds a bit like magic, it's just really cool magnetic technology.

Our Eddy Current Magnetic Braking Technology

Video Transcription

At Head Rush Technologies we create innovative equipment for the adventure and amusement markets. Our products are designed to enhance the user experience, increase participation, and reduce costs. The technology inside many of our devices is eddy current magnetic braking.

Eddy currents are forces that occur when non-magnetic metals move through magnetic fields.

There is no reaction when the two objects are still, but when motion is introduced eddy currents are created.

These eddy currents oppose the magnetic field, and it's the opposition of these two forces that creates the braking effect.

In our devices, when the webbing is pulled out by a participant's weight, centrifugal force sends aluminum rotor arms spinning past stationary magnets within the device. This movement creates the eddy currents within the aluminum arms. The force of these eddy currents oppose the force of the magnetic field, therefore braking and slowing the release of webbing from the device.

There are many benefits to eddy current magnetic braking.

Low Maintenance: Because the braking is magnetic, there are no contacting parts, like brake pads, that will wear out or fail. That means less maintenance and a low cost of ownership.

Self-regulating: The braking resistance automatically adjusts to provide consistent braking across a wide range of participant weights. Children and adults alike will enjoy a consistent and similar experience.

Smooth and comfortable - Whether jumping, descending or approaching a platform, the experience is always smooth and easy.

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