Don’t miss the US Paraclimbing National Championships June 19-20

Don’t miss the excitement around this year’s USA Climbing Paraclimbing National Championships, hosted by Momentum Millcreek in Salt Lake City, June 19-20. This championship will determine which athletes represent the US at international events sanctioned by the IFSC.

About Paraclimbing

Paraclimbing is Sport Climbing for physically disabled climbers. The first international Paraclimbing competition was organized in 2003 and the first World Championship was organized in 2011. Each event consists of 3 formats: Lead, Speed, and Boulder. Athletes compete in like categories (so blind athletes would not climb against amputee athletes, for example). A full list of classifications can be found here.

Watch the event live!

Finals livestreams on Sunday, June 20

  • Session 1 - 9:55 AM (MST)
  • Session 2 - 12:25 PM (MST)

Watch the finals live, or on demand on USA Climbing's YouTube Channel 

TRUBLUE is proud to support USA Climbing and Mo Beck, USA Climbing Paraclimbing Committee Member and USAC Board Member

Mo Beck is an arm amputee working closely with the adaptive climbing community through Paradox Sports (which offers accessible climbing opportunities for differently abled people) and the Paraclimbing section of USA Climbing.

As a competitive climber, she has won six national titles, a gold medal at the 2014 Paraclimbing World Championships in Spain, and defended that title with a gold medal at the 2016 World Championships in Paris. In 2017, Maureen became the chair of the USAC Paraclimbing Committee. After an expedition to the Northwest Territories Cirque of the Unclimbables, she was named one of National Geographic’s 2019 Adventurers of the Year.

"We’re excited to see our climbing community come back together after a long year apart, and while we're not looking at a 'normal' competition yet, I'm grateful for the work that the team at USA Climbing has done to ensure that competition can continue safely.” said Mo Beck, USA Climbing Paraclimbing Committee Chair. “To the amazing crew at Momentum, we'll see you soon!"

TRUBLUE is proud once again to be the Official Speed Auto Belay for the US Paraclimbing National Championships. The TRUBLUE SPEED Auto Belay is based on the original TRUBLUE, the most widely used and trusted auto belay in the world. Retraction speed is fast enough to outrun even the world’s elite speed climbers, and magnetic braking provides the familiar, gentle descent of a TRUBLUE.

How Mo Beck uses TRUBLUE for training

On training with TRUBLUE Auto Belays, Mo Beck said, “Depending on the amount of time I have, I'll do one set per TRUBLUE, which can be 4-5 unique sets. Sometimes I'll repeat, and I'll rest 5-10 minutes in between sets. Not only do I get my butt thoroughly kicked in an hour, but the number of vertical feet I can cover without having to rely on (or feel bad for) a partner is a lifesaver. Climbing on the TRUBLUE also helps put me in a training mindset - I'm less likely to be gossiping with my partner when I don't have one! Down climbing is also an often overlooked tool when training “it’s a great footwork exercise, and it's so much easier and more comfortable to do on a TRUBLUE than to have a partner feed out slack as you go.”

Help Support Adaptive Athletes

Paradox Sports offers accessible climbing opportunities for people with disabilities, defying the perception that people with a disability cannot lead a life of adventure. They provide outdoor rock and ice climbing trips, training, and local programs.

You can learn more, volunteer or donate at

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