Chris Sharma TRUBLUE Auto Belay Training Tips Video

In this video Chris Sharma explains how he uses TRUBLUE Auto Belays to train at his newly opened state of the art climbing gym, Sharma Climbing Madrid, including these three main tips:

1.) Mileage

Chris Sharma uses TRUBLUE Auto Belays to get a bunch of volume in and warm up. By using auto belays he can do several routes back-to-back, to the point that he is breathing hard and can feel his blood pumping — according to Chris, that's when you know you are nice and warmed up.

2.) Campusing

Tired of the repetitiveness of campus boarding, but still want to work on your upper body strength and power? Try campusing an entire route on a TRUBLUE Auto Belay like Chris Sharma does. Chris explains "you can get a nice arm pump this way, guaranteed." You may even need to take a rest day or two.

3.) Just climb

No matter the time of day or your partner's availability, TRUBLUE Auto Belays allow you to just climb. From steep overhung walls to slabs to cracks and everything in between, you can always count on the TRUBLUE to be your most reliable belay buddy.



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