Character Building Activities with Free Fall Devices

Head Rush devices offer opportunities for participants to challenge themselves by climbing to new heights, experiencing thrilling free falls, and flying across a zip line. When we challenge ourselves, we create an opportunity for growth and character building. Kids and adults alike can enjoy these activities, and the level of the challenge of each of these can be scaled to fit different audiences and ability levels.

Our free fall devices, QUICKjump and FlightLine, are especially fun for those looking for a unique challenge or character building activity for themselves, their kids, or a team building activity.

What is Character Building?

Activities that help form or improve favorable, useful personal traits (including responsibility, courage, self-reliance, etc.) are character building activities. For kids, activities that help them learn about the world and that create positive self-esteem are important to building their character and becoming self-reliant adults. Teens and adults benefit from character building activities, too. Facing a fear or undertaking a challenge can be beneficial at any age. It's never too late to challenge yourself!

What is a Free Fall Device?

Head Rush Technologies developed free fall devices to create a unique free fall experience that is fun, thrilling, and unlike any other amusement ride out there. Our QUICKflight device is available in two models with mounting heights that range from a low-mount option of 15 feet minimum (4.5 m) and goes all the way up to 75 feet (23 m) with our XL device. Ripcord options allow operators to customize the free fall experience and extend the free fall sensation if they want. The QUICKflight has a maximum free fall distance of 16 feet (4.75 m).

FlightLine is our most extreme and thrilling free fall experience with heights up to 80 feet (24.5 m) and a maximum free fall distance of 36 feet (11 m). This is the free fall device for those who want something to brag about. Even those who are thrill seekers, have experienced sky diving, or pursue other extreme sports will get their adrenaline fix with FlightLine. It is not to be underestimated!

Why is Free Fall Character Building?

Many amusement park rides require little to no involvement from the rider. You enter the ride, strap in, and someone else activates the ride. Head Rush free fall devices, on the other hand, require participants to take that step off the platform and into thin air. Committing to that step is the hardest part to the free fall experience, but it's also what makes QUICKflight and FlightLine so much fun and such a great character building activity. There is not someone in the operator booth who is going to start this ride for you; you are in the driver's seat, and the choice to jump or not is all up to you!

This Sounds Scary!

It may be scary, but that's part of the fun! And don't worry, there are free fall options for the mild to the wild child. Plus, there are steps you can take to help prepare yourself to go off the QUICKflight or FlightLine Free Fall. First, start with a small jump before scaling up to some our biggest free fall heights. Some locations will even offer a low mounted TRUBLUE Auto Belay as a first jump experience. This will help you become familiar with the process and the feeling of jumping. From there, move on to bigger free fall heights as you feel able.

If there are two QUICKflights next to each other, it is fun for two people to jump at the same time on the two devices. It's also a great opportunity for a friend to encourage someone who may be scared or nervous to jump.

Once you've experienced QUICKflight and how fun the free fall experience can be, you may be ready to take your free fall  to the extreme. If you're feeling extremely brave, take the big leap with the FlightLine Free Fall. This earns you all the bragging rights and is an experience you can tell all your friends about!

Ready to Jump?

Ready for a fun, thrilling character building activity unlike any other? For those in the USA, check out our map of QUICKflight locations to find a free fall adventure near you. It's quickly becoming a popular attraction at many locations across the world, so this map will continue to fill in!"

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