Campus Rec Center Climbing Wall 101: How to Maximize Programming Opportunities and Enhance Educational Value 
Zip Line Over Water
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Buyer's Guide to the Four Most Common Zip Line Brakes

Need help choosing the right zip line brake for your course? In this blog, we compare the four most common zip line brakes, including how each will affect your business's operations, revenue, guest experience, course design, risk management and more.
Which Zip Line Trolley Is Right For You?
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Which Zip Line Trolley Is Right For You?

From the fully featured customizable Impact Trolley to the lightning fast one-handed install of the EZ Clip to the compact affordable Micro Trolley, Head Rush has a zip line trolley for you.
Micro, EZ Clip and Impact zip line trolley family
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Zip Line Pulley and Trolley Inspection

All Head Rush Technologies’ zip line rider trolleys and redirection pulleys are built for maximum durability and minimal maintenance, and regular inspection is a critical step to ensure users get the maximum benefit of these products.
Head Rush Technologies Zip line Family of Products
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Cleaning & Disinfecting Zip Line Gear

Many cleaners and disinfectants are not suitable to be used with Head Rush products. If trolleys, carabiners, and zip lanyards are in need of cleaning, use warm water and a mild detergent such as a dish soap to clean the gear. Get all the details here.
guide pulling in zip line rider
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The Ins and Outs of Zip Line Trolley Retrieval Systems

Learn more about zip line trolley retrieval systems and how to eliminate the problem of rider rescue from zip liners stopping short of the platform.
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New LightSpeed Zip Line Trolleys from Head Rush Technologies Aim to Transform The Zip Line Market

The LightSpeed Trolleys are designed specifically for zip lines and are the fastest, most durable compact trolleys on the market.
close up of ez clip zip line trolley
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Behind the Scenes: Designing a Better Zip Line Trolley

Get a look behind the curtain of the engineering design process that went into developing the state of the art LightSpeed family of zip line trolleys.
woman about to jump off free fall device
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Proper Device Orientation to Extend Webbing Lifespan

These simple installation tips and instructions for your Head Rush Device can drastically increase the lifespan of your nylon and dyneema webbings.
zip line guide on zip line platform
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Top 5 Concerns Riders Have About Their First Zip Line Experience

You might have a lot of questions about what to expect during you first time zip lining. We help you prepare for your zip line experience by answering these FAQs.
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