Best of 2016: Rock Climbing Gym Ideas

Gyms are coming up with creative ways to engage their members in the gym and on social media. We've collected a few of our favorite rock climbing gym ideas from across the world to share with you. Take these ideas, add your own flavor, build off them and maybe we'll see you on this list for 2017!

Crux of the Week, Planet Granite

Planet Granite has an abundance of videos that include workouts, tips to improve climbing, and highlights of events at their gyms across the U.S. west coast. I especially like the Crux of the Week where different staff show how to climb one boulder problem. They talk through the moves and give tips for climbing beginner problems to more advanced problems.

Over 55's Climbing Club, Undercover Rock

Climbing is a lifetime sport, and Undercover Rock in the U.K. hasn't forgotten about their older demographic. Their Over 55's Climbing Club is a 6 week social climbing group for veterans and new climbers 55 years or older to get together, socialize, and climb. Move over, young'uns!

Limbo Bouldering, Touchstone Climbing

It's limbo bouldering. What more do we really need to say? Except that if you're a gym, go do this right now. Go!

What a great idea! Give parents a fun place to drop their kids off that the kids will love. ABC Climbing offers a "Parent's Night Out" every Saturday night for kids 5 and up that gives parents a full four hours for date night. What a great idea for kids to burn off energy while their parents enjoy some time sans rowdy kids.

Adult Climbing League, Triangle Rock Club and Rock Climb Fairfield

Kids have enough climbing clubs, camps, and teams to keep them busy from toddler to graduation. It's the adult's turn! The Triangle Rock Club and Rock Climb Fairfield each have unique scoring, prizes, and formats. Create your own format and rules to fit your crowd.

Auto Belay Competition, Centrum Wspinaczkowe Murall

Over 200 climbers from 40 gyms across Poland attended the Polish Youth Cup Final at Centrum Wspinaczkowe Murall. There were speed climbing events, lead climbing finals, and finals on the TRUBLUE Auto Belay. It's unique to see a comp utilize auto belays, but it offers equal belaying for all competitors and is a great option, especially for youth comps.

Sharing Member Successes, Basecamp Climbing

The pros may be setting record and claiming first ascents, but every climber in the gym has their own personal successes. It's great to see gyms like Basecamp Climbing celebrate their member's milestones and successes regardless of level. In this post, Basecamp celebrates Phil's send of his hardest route yet, a 5.11 called Martyrs.

Sit on Santa's Portaledge, First Ascent Climbing

There are a lot of fun holiday events happening at gyms, but First Ascent Climbing's creativity won with this new take on photos with Santa. Instead of standing in line to sit on Santa's lap, climbers could scale the wall to get a photo on Santa's portaledge!

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