Articles by Jeremy Wicker

Articles by Jeremy Wicker

man on zip line doing engineering test
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Head Rush Research and Development Process: Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the curtain of the Head Rush research and development process and see what the engineering design process looks like for adventure products.
woman bouldering on indoor climbing wall
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6 Reasons Auto Belays are Great Rock Climbing Training Tools

Auto belays have many benefits, but rock climbing training is what auto belays are made for. Learn how auto belays help with endurance, strength and more.
man climbing with trublue auto belay
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How to Use an Auto Belay: Step by Step Instructions

Get step by step instructions of how to use an auto belay including how to prepare before your climb, what to do while climbing and how to get down from the top.
three people on a zip line with trees in background
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What is Adventure Tourism?

Adventure tourism is a tourist activity that includes a physical activity, a cultural exchange, or activities in nature. Read this blog for examples and to learn more!
woman climbing on indoor climbing wall
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School Rock Climbing Wall: Everything You Need to Know

Thinking about installing a rock climbing wall at your school? Here's everything you need including types and benefits of school rock climbing walls and more.
guide pulling in zip line rider
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The Ins and Outs of Zip Line Trolley Retrieval Systems

Learn more about zip line trolley retrieval systems and how to eliminate the problem of rider rescue from zip liners stopping short of the platform.
zip line trolley on zip line platform
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Does My Zip Line Trolley Need A Handle?

The right zip line trolley is essential for building a great zip line. Read this article to decide if you need a zip line handle to go with your trolley.
tree climbing holds from below
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Tree Climbing Holds: Types & Terms to Improve Route Setting

Get to know your tree climbing holds with this glossary of terms. Click for vocabulary that describes climbing hold difficulty, type and orientation.
people on zip line with blue sky background
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Deep Dive Into the Pros and Cons of Different Zip Line Braking Methods

Read about active and passive zip line brakes and the benefits and disadvantages of each type. Which of these zip line braking methods is right for you?
zip line guide pulling in rider
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One Easy Trick to Double the Efficiency of Your Zip Line

A bad system for zip line trolley return could be cutting your profits in half. See how you can drastically increase the profitability of your facility.
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