Articles by Jenna Stadsvold

Articles by Jenna Stadsvold

long's peak keyhole route
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Head Rush Summer Recap 2017: Adventures & Photos from the Head Rush Team

At Head Rush, we work in the outdoor industry because we are outdoor enthusiasts. Join us as we recap our summer adventures in the mountains and around the world
man on trublue speed climbing auto belay
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Announcing the TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay for Speed Climbing

The new TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay takes the most widely used and trusted auto belay in the world and adds an extra dose of speed for speed climbing comps.
people preparing experiential learning activities
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Goal Based Experiential Learning Activities for Adults

Learning while doing is a powerful teaching tool! Get ideas for your next activity with these examples of experiential learning activities for adults.
man holding lightspeed zip line trolleyWeb Development	Adding Pictures to Blogs
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New LightSpeed Zip Line Trolleys from Head Rush Technologies Aim to Transform The Zip Line Market

The LightSpeed Trolleys are designed specifically for zip lines and are the fastest, most durable compact trolleys on the market.
close up of ez clip zip line trolley
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Behind the Scenes: Designing a Better Zip Line Trolley

Get a look behind the curtain of the engineering design process that went into developing the state of the art LightSpeed family of zip line trolleys.
guide giving rider operating procedure for free fall device
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Proper Jump Procedure: QUICKflight & FlightLine Free Fall

Make sure that your operators have mastered the standard operating procedures for QUICKflight and FlightLine Free Fall Devices with the help of this video.
aerial view of free fall tower
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Why You Should Add a Free Fall Activity

Head Rush free fall devices are incredibly fun and have an amazing return on investment. Read the blog to get more details and learn two more reasons you need to add a free fall activity.
woman about to jump off free fall device
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Proper Device Orientation to Extend Webbing Lifespan

These simple installation tips and instructions for your Head Rush Device can drastically increase the lifespan of your nylon and dyneema webbings.
zip line guide on zip line platform
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Top 5 Concerns Riders Have About Their First Zip Line Experience

You might have a lot of questions about what to expect during you first time zip lining. We help you prepare for your zip line experience by answering these FAQs.
engineering drawing of zip line bearings
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All About Bearings: Why Zip Line Trolley Bearings Matter

Learn all about bearings and why the high-performance bearings inside Head Rush's new zip line trolleys help them last longer.
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