Head Rush Technologies Announces Availability of FlightLine

The Ultimate Commercial Free Fall Ride for Amusement Operators and for Users Looking for Extreme Thrills

FlightLine product is now in production with multiple options available

BOULDER, Colorado (September 24, 2015) - Head Rush Technologies has announced that its FlightLine Commercial Free Fall Ride product is now in production and available for purchase.

The FlightLine Commercial Free Fall Ride is the next evolution in free fall experience for amusement rides, with a true free fall sensation like nothing else out there. The next closest experience is jumping out of a plane," says Bill Carlson, Director of Channel Sales at Head Rush Technologies. “It uses the same magnetic braking technology as our other leading devices, and that provides the smooth catch at the end of the extended free fall that other rides just can't match. For an amusement operator or other facility looking to add a marquee attraction, one with great throughput and built-in redundancy, that will satisfy both high adrenaline seekers and average thrill seekers alike, the FlightLine is the answer."

The standard FlightLine device is mountable on platforms at least 18.3 meters (60 feet) high, and available ripcord options can accommodate platforms up to 24.5 meters (80 feet). It is being produced in our Boulder, CO manufacturing facility in the U.S. and is available worldwide through our global network of distributors or directly from Head Rush Technologies. It had previously been available on a limited basis in select installations around the world.

Ron Betts, Managing Director of Zoom Ziplines New Zealand, had this to say about FlightLine: “Zoom Ziplines is a very high volume site on the North Island of New Zealand, located at one of New Zealand's premier tourist destinations, Skyline Rotorua. New Zealand's visitors have come to expect the world's biggest and best adventure tourism products, and having a FlightLine has allowed us to directly compete with comparable experiences in the area. Guest reaction has been phenomenal. Our customers have rated the thrill factor as being more thrilling than skydives, bungee jumps or canyon swings, and the ease of throughput is crucial for our guest volumes. I think the FlightLine is a game changer for adventure tourism operators."

Kevin French, Director of Sales and Marketing at Challenges Unlimited, also commented on the value of FlightLine for his company. “FlightLine has proven itself to provide customers with a complete adventure experience in a short window of time. Riders experience a wide range of emotions from fear, uncertainty, exhilaration and personal satisfaction as part of their experience. Everything about it is unique. Climbing to such an unfamiliar height, the exposure they face, the personal choice they make to jump, and then the thrill of the ride, FlightLine offers a full adventure experience!"

To learn more, visit https://headrustech.com/flightline-free-fall-device.

About Head Rush Technologies

Head Rush Technologies combines advanced engineering and quality production to bring new, innovative recreation equipment to the climbing, zip line, adventure and amusement industries. Our products are thoughtfully crafted to minimize risk while enhancing user experience and increasing operator profitability. Best known for our application of our patented, eddy current magnetic braking technology, our award-winning products are available through our global network of distributors (find one near you at headrushtech.com/find-a-distributor) or directly through the Head Rush online store at headrushtech.com/flightline-free-fall-device.

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