9 Mistakes You're Making on Your Zip Line (and What to do About Them!)

With zip lines, safety must be the number one priority. But did you know that their are some common mistakes that could put your staff, facility, and customers in danger?

In an effort to bring the most common zip line mistakes to light and provide helpful solutions to eliminate them, we have compiled the expertise of our sales, marketing, and engineering departments to bring you an easy-to-understand white paper. This white paper clearly states nine mistakes you may be making with your zip line operation and how to fix them. It's important from an operational standpoint to address these factors because eliminating them will significantly decrease participant risk. The fortunate byproduct of fixing these mistakes—or preventing them in the first place—is that you will also dramatically improve throughput, rider satisfaction, and profitability.

It's no secret that a single incident on your zip line involving a customer could put you out of business. You can't afford to put participants at risk, yet every day, thousands of zip line operations are doing just that. Mitigating risk should be your highest priority, followed by increasing rider experience, and optimizing profits.

Download the white paper to find out what these nine mistakes are, which ones you may be doing, and most importantly, what to do about it.

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