Backyard Climbing Wall

Arboreal Climbing System

Want to build a home climbing wall but don’t have the space? Create a backyard climbing adventure with the Arboreal Tree Climbing System.

Transform Your Trees

Transform the trees in your backyard into home climbing walls! The Arboreal Tree Climbing System is an eco-friendly system that turns your tree into a backyard rock climbing wall. Drilling handholds can severely damage the health of your tree. Penetrating the outer bark with screws will damage the tree’s cells that carry nutrients and water between the canopy and roots. The Arboreal Tree Climbing System never penetrates the outer bark of the tree. The ratchet straps are even designed with a tree guard so that the ratchets themselves do not damage the tree.

Setting up the Arboreal Tree Climbing System is much easier and faster than building a climbing wall yourself. DIY climbing walls require construction experience, costly materials and a significant time investment. You can have an amazing climbing route right in your backyard in less time than it would take to draft climbing wall plans. Prefabricated climbing wall panels are expensive to purchase and ship. Building your own backyard climbing wall can get expensive once you add up the price of the struts, joists, plywood, t-nuts, handholds, paint, screws, hardware, tools, labor and all of the other hidden costs.

The Arboreal Tree Climbing System is a cheap alternative to constructing your own home rock climbing wall. The user friendly ratchet system makes Arboreal simple and easy to set up. Furthermore, the Arboreal Tree System is everything you need in one kit. The Arboreal Tree Climbing System includes but is not limited to: footholds, various size handholds, baseplates, ratchets and ratchet straps.

The Arboreal Tree Climbing System is compatible with bouldering and top rope setups. If you have the proper fall attenuation such as a bouldering pad then you can set bouldering problems as high as 15 feet. If the trees in your backyard are taller than the maximum bouldering height you can set up a top rope or auto belay by installing the Head Rush Universal Mount.