How to Install the
Arboreal Tree Climbing System

The Arboreal Climbing Set is easy to install and alter over time. Follow the directions before for installation steps and tips.


Assemble the Strap & Baseplate 1a.
To begin assembling insert the strap through the main slot located on the front of the baseplate by sliding it through the side of the slot. Make sure that the ratchet is oriented so that the tree guard is facing the base-plate.

One strap may be fitted with multiple baseplates


Secure the Handhold to the Baseplate 2a.
Secure the handhold to the baseplate by inserting the bolt through the handhold, the baseplate and the nut on the backside of the baseplate.

Tighten the bolt so that the handhold cannot spin on the base-plate.

This step can be performed after the Arboreal System is mounted on your tree.


Mount the Arboreal Climbing System on Your Tree 3a.
Wrap the ratchet strap around the tree at the desired height.

Pull the strap through the strap slot in the center spool of the ratchet until the strap is snug around the circumference of the tree.

Check that the strap is level, does not run over any sharp edges and there is at least 6 inches of extra tail sticking out of the ratchet strap slot.

Tension the ratchet by raising and lowering the handle. This will rotate the center spool, wind the strap and tension the line.

Close the handle and ensure that any excess strap protruding from the ratchet is wrapped to prevent snagging or choking hazard.


Your Arboreal Tree Climbing System is officially installed!Stand back and admire your unique tree climbing system. Once Arboreal is installed you can swap handholds or change their positioning while the system is attached to the tree. Try different holds in various locations to test out how different holds change the difficulty of the route. Get creative with the orientation of your handholds. The Arboreal System is designed to allow handholds to be positioned as side pulls, gastons, under clings or any desired orientation without the holds spinning.