How to Choose an Arboreal Climbing System

Choosing the right Arboreal Climbing System set is easy! Before you start you need to know the height and circumference of your tree. The height of your tree is the maximum height you want to participants to climb. The circumference of your tree is the widest portion of the perimeter of your tree.


Basic or Performance Set Decide if the basic or performance set is right for you

The basic set comes with one base plate and one handhold per ratchet strap.

The performance set allows you to install two baseplates and two handholds per strap

If neither of these options are right for you then you can always add elements to a set a la carte.


Height of Tree Choose the set that corresponds with the height of your tree

The height of your tree is the maximum height you want participants to climb. To measure the height of your tree find the distance from the ground to the highest point in the tree you wish to place a climbing hold.

Don’t worry if the height of your tree doesn’t exactly match the height of the set. If your tree is approximately the suggested height then it will work with the Arboreal Tree Climbing System.

If you’re unfamiliar with the metric system, one meter is about three feet.


Ratchet Length Choose the ratchet length that corresponds to the circumference of your tree

Measure the circumference of your tree by horizontally wrapping a measuring tape around the trunk of the tree and writing down your measurement where the tape measure meets itself.

The ratchet strap length must be at least six inches longer than the circumference of your tree.

If you are deciding between two ratchet straps, choose the longer of the two.


ColorNext choose the color of your handholds

Arboreal handholds come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown and gray.

All of the handholds will be the same color unless you choose the a la carte option.


Add to Cart!Add your Arboreal Climbing System set to your shopping cart

Specify the number of sets you would like to buy either by leaving the default value untouched or by typing a number in the "Qty" field.

Click "Add to Cart" to add the product to your shopping cart.


Add OnsFinally, add any necessary fall protection

If your climbing route exceeds 15 feet you need to add a Universal Mount as a separate item to your order. The Universal Mount allows you to either set up a top rope anchor or to mount a TRUBLUE Auto Belay.

If your climbing route is below 15 feet, you have the option of either installing a Universal Mount or purchasing a bouldering pad or a fall attenuation surface from a third party.