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What Does it Mean to Be a Head Rush zipSTOP Preferred Installer?

There are many factors that go into zip line engineering, so it’s important to choose the right zip line contractor. This list of Head Rush zipSTOP Preferred Installers will help you find a professional zip line installer to build your zip line. The zip line companies listed below have completed a formal two day training course on the proper, effective, and efficient installation of the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake. Though they are Preferred zipSTOP Installers, these zip line companies will work with you to design and build a zip line that meets your specific needs, regardless of whether or not a zipSTOP is used.

North America / Central America

Absolutely Experiential Inc.
Pittsfield, MA
888 966 2352
Attendee: John Ireland

Beyond Ropes
Norman, OK
405 641 5254
Attendee: Jon Godsey

Costa Rica Sky Adventures
506 8824 1189
Attendee: Diego Valverde

Skyline Zipline Mexico / Retos de Altura
Hipodromo de la Condesa, DF
+52 (55) 5515 2465
Attendee: Alejandro Lloréns de Saracho


Zipline Europe
+46 70 551 5925
Attendees: Tony Wallin, Daniel Brinkenfeldt

Asia / Middle East

Project Adventure Japan
Shibuyaku, Tokyo
+81 03 3406 8804
Attendee: Toshio Hayashi

South America

Tectom Soluções Verticais
Sao Paulo
+55 11 32050505
Attendee: Tomas Gridi Papp


Learn More About the zipSTOP

Now that you've found a zip line company from our list of Preferred Installers, learn why zipSTOP should be your preferred zip line brake. The zipSTOP allows riders to fully enjoy the ride without worrying about how or when to brake. It also increases the throughput on your line and give guides more opportunities to provide engagement and customer service to your guests.