zipSTOP Pivot Mount
Simplify Your Zip Line Brake Installation

zipstop pivot mountThe zipSTOP Pivot Mount expands the mounting possibilities of your zipSTOP or zipSTOP IR Zip Line Brake, while also allowing for smoother braking, reduced webbing wear, improved retraction, and simplified installation.

It was specially designed to make it easier to install your zipSTOP, allowing you to use a gantry. (Note: The zipSTOP Pivot Mount can only be used directly overhead and in line with your zip line). This mount was custom engineered and is only compatible with the zipSTOP devices.

Pivot Mount Configuration Diagram

Could you benefit from a zipSTOP Pivot Mount?

Click on the configuration diagram at right to see how this mount could improve your zip line operations.


  • Lightweight design
  • Simplifies installation and retraction and allows for wider range of zipSTOP mounting options, like use of a gantry
  • Made with corrosion-resistant materials capable of enduring harsh environments
  • High-quality hardware with slip-resistant castle nut and cotter pin design
  • Cost savings through the reduction of redirection rope


  • Dimensions: 206.6 mm long x 198 mm tall x 86 mm wide (8.13 in long x 7.8 in tall x 3.39 in at the thickest spot)
  • Minimum Rated Strength: 22 kN (4,900 lbs)
  • Weight: 2.77kg (6.1 lbs)