Mounting Kit for TRUBLUE and QUICKjump Devices

Use this turnkey kit for single-point mounting of your TRUBLUE Auto Belay or QUICKjump Free Fall Device.

Product Descriptionmounting kit for TRUBLUE auto belay and QUICKjump free fall device

  • Each Mounting Kit contains:
    • 2 Steel Locking Carabiners
    • Chain
    • 16 mm CAMP Express Nylon Runner

Note: The CAMP Express Nylon Runner and Carabiners are also available for purchase individually in the Head Rush Store.

Purchase the Mounting Kit in the Head Rush Store

Installing a TRUBLUE Auto Belay

The TRUBLUE is designed to be simple to install and easy to relocate. The device is mounted to anchor points at the top of the climbing route and connected with self-locking carabiners.

This video explains the different installation options and best practices for installing a TRUBLUE.