TRUBLUE Auto Belay for Universities and Colleges

Auto belays are ideal training and education tools for both novice and advanced climbers

auto belay for university and college climbing wallsA climbing wall can be a huge differentiator for your university or college rec center. In a Nov. 2013 article in Best Value Schools on The 20 Most Impressive College Gyms and Student Rec Centers, a striking 60% of the schools listed had a climbing wall. And if you have a climbing wall, then auto belays are a must-have. We've installed auto belays in higher-ed institutions all around the world and have seen first-hand the benefits they provide, a few of which are listed below.

As an Introduction to Climbing

Auto belays are perfect for letting new climbers to get a feel for the movement while reducing the anxiety of learning to belay, so using auto belays to start the climbing experience makes new users more open to belaying instruction and further education. Auto belays are also great for climbing classes, and are essential in supporting your overall mission and focus of education.

For Single Climbers

Sometimes students just don't have a partner for climbing. Conflicting schedules and short time between classes can get in the way of a quality partner session, so incorporating auto belays into your rec center provides an option for single climbers and keeps them engaged and coming back.

For Kids programming and birthday parties

With auto belays, colleges and universities have an additional offering to engage the greater community. Auto belays are a great option for kids programming, especially for younger kids that might not be ready to belay. Using auto belays in your programs and camps allows staff to concentrate on teaching, not belaying. Plus, you need less staff to run your programs, resulting in a lower cost for you.

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Fact: 50% of colleges and universities with TRUBLUE Auto Belays have seen an increase in membership/participation on their climbing walls since adding the auto belays

- TRUBLUE Owner Survey 2012-13

Video Testimonial
Auto Belays for Universities and Colleges

In this video, the students and staff at University of Nebraska – Lincoln talk about how the auto belays have enhanced the social and educational aspects of their climbing wall and their recreation program.