TRUBLUE Auto Belay for Training Centers / Lineman Training

Auto belay for Training Centers and utility lineman trainingDon’t let the art & skill of your trade become extinct – use a TRUBLUE Auto Belay to teach linemen how to climb and self-arrest

The power linemen trade is uniquely tied to the ability to climb poles safely and comfortably. Whether linemen are free climbing or using fall restriction devices, they need to be taught how to climb efficiently and how to self-arrest.

With fall restriction devices becoming the norm and OSHA Best Practice guidelines for ‘Safety at Heights’ specifying that Fall Protection Equipment (FPE) be used when working at heights, it's essential to involve FPE equipment in training to get lineman familiar with its proper use.

The most effective way to teach climbing and fall arrest is by using the TRUBLUE Auto Belay. With nearly limitless cycle counts and a delayed catch, the TRUBLUE allows students to build the skills to climb and the muscle memory to self-arrest so they can employ those skills when they need them most.

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From our partners and customers:

The TRUBLUE Auto Belay is hands down the best training tool for teaching fundamental climbing skills. Without it, my students would not develop the proper climbing technique that will make them better line workers.

Northwest Iowa Community College