TRUBLUE Auto Belay for Recreation Centers and Fitness Clubs

Auto belay for Recreation Centers and Fitness ClubsThe TRUBLUE is a perfect partner for rec center and club climbing walls

Using auto belays in your facility reduces the barriers to entry for new climbers and allows more experienced climbers to climb unsupervised.

Your staff are no longer required to belay every climber, which allows you to reallocate resources elsewhere and better serve your members.

Plus, auto belays allow for expanded programming on the wall, including birthday parties and climbing education, at a lower cost than using staff belayers.

From our partners and customers:

Without the auto belays there were delays with people being able to climb. With TRUBLUEs we're able to have three people climb at a time. Plus, it's cut our costs in half. It's been great!

Dickinson Parks & Recreation

Video Testimonial
Auto Belays for Rec Centers and Fitness Clubs

See how TRUBLUE Auto Belays have made a positive contribution to both the overall business and to users at the Breckenridge Recreation Center and the Longmont Recreation Center.