TRUBLUE Auto Belay for FECs and Kids Activity / Amusement Centers

Auto belay for FECs and Kids Activity and Amusement CentersTRUBLUE auto belays are ideal for high volume family entertainment centers and amusement settings

With auto belays, your family entertainment center can have higher throughput with lower staffing costs. Staffers can concentrate on guest interaction and safety with minimum training required, and parents are more confident with the TRUBLUEs as well.

They provide fall protection for every type of high activity – from climbing walls, to indoor ropes courses, and much more.

And because of their versatility and ease of use, they're perfect for pairing with other adventure gear like Head Rush's Arboreal Tree Climbing System (to create a fun climbing adventure) or QUICKjump XS for an exciting free fall adventure that works for participants of all ages (our QUICKjump XS model is designed for indoor use at kids-oriented activity centers or anywhere with low mounting height restrictions).

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Video Testimonial
Auto Belays for FECs

Check out this video from Mid Air Adventures to see how TRUBLUE Auto Belays can improve your guest experience and help control operating costs at your Family Entertainment Center or Kids Activity Center.