TRUBLUE Auto Belay for Camps and Ropes Courses

Free up your staff to work where they're needed and increase participation and satisfaction on your outdoor courses

auto belay for campsAuto belays are ideal for camps, ropes courses and challenge courses, and resorts because you can increase participation on your activities without increasing staff because you eliminate the need to have a belayer on every rope for your climbing wall, tower, our course activity.

Your camp staff has more time to engage participants and provide instructions rather than simply belaying. Risk is also mitigated by reducing the potential for human error.

The TRUBLUE Auto Belay works anywhere you need fall protection. And it partners perfectly with other products like our Arboreal Tree Climbing System to easily and cost-effectively create a full climbing adventure in a very small footprint, anywhere you have a tree, pole, or column.

Learn more about our Arboreal Tree Climbing System

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62% of camps saw a decrease in staffing costs and 75% saw an increase in participation using the TRUBLUE Auto Belay

- TRUBLUE Owner Survey feedback