Customer Resources

Below you'll find links to resources like our product manuals, inspection logs, tips for webbing inspection and replacement, and our troubleshooting form. If you have any questions on these materials or about your Head Rush product, send us an email at

Recertify Your Device

All the steps and resources you need to recertify your device are explained on our Recertification page.

Register Your Device

It's important to register all of your Head Rush devices. To access our online registration form, please click below.

Download Manuals

All of our product manuals are online and available in multiple languages. Click below to see all available manuals.

Webbing Inspection

The most important device requirement is webbing inspection / replacement. Click below to access helpful resources.

Inspection Logs

Keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly, and annual device inspections with our downloadable log forms.

Troubleshooting Form

If you have questions and want our customer service to respond, click below to access our online troubleshooting form.