QUICKjump's Amazing ROI

QUICKjump jump from platformThere are endless possibilities for including a QUICKjump Free Fall attraction in all types of activities, from ropes courses (where it makes an ideal highlight as a way to get down) to amusement parks, family entertainment centers, adventure parks, shopping centers, resorts, and more.


Do you have an existing platform or a building that you can get to the top of? If yes, you should be able to incorporate a QUICKjump.

  • The QUICKjump only weighs 19.75 kg (44 lbs) and is very easy to install
  • It works from any tall platform, or you can use the Modular Mount to create a free fall jump from a pole, column, or tree
  • It was designed and built for high throughput and low operational costs


Affordable enough for even the smallest facility, the QUICKjump can pay for itself in a matter of a few hours of operation. The image below shows how many days it takes to pay off your device at $10 per jump. Even facilities with low traffic can see a return on investment quickly; facilities with high traffic can pay for their QUICKjump in a day.

QUICKjump ROI graph

An Example of QUICKjump as a Highlight on a Ropes Course

A QUICKjump free fall makes a perfect addition as a highlight attraction (and a way down) from a ropes course or challenge course.

After all, even a superhero needs some excitement every once in a while.

An Example of QUICKjump from a Platform (Royal Gorge Zip Line Tours)

The QUICKjump platform jump is a main attraction at Royal Gorge Zip Line Tours, where they used a QUICKjump free fall as a way to diversify their zip line ride, add something challenging and fun, and attract new and repeat visitors to their main attraction.