FlightLine Free Fall Descent Device

FlightLine Free Fall FlightLine is an extreme free fall device for theme parks, adventure parks, and carnivals that takes jumpers to heights never before dreamed. With heights up to 24.5 meters (80 feet), FlightLine provides unmatched thrills for users who want to push their limits.

As a jumper standing on a platform that's eight stories tall, you experience it all: your heart starts to race, your palms sweat, your legs are heavy... One deep breath as you step off into thin air and you'll experience an extended free fall sensation that's the closest thing you can get to skydiving (without the plane and the parachute).

What makes FlightLine different from other theme park or amusement attractions that offer a free fall (like bungee jumping) is the advanced design and engineering that went into its development (modifying the staged braking to accommodate the extreme heights and mitigate risk), the softer catch (for user comfort and a better overall experience), and a true free fall experience like no other.

FlightLine and QUICKjump Comparison

Our QUICKjump Free Fall device was designed for its versatility, with mounting heights from 4.5m (14.75 ft) for the QUICKjump XS to 23m (75 ft) for the QUICKjump XL with a 3m Ripcord. And QUICKjumps can also be used indoors for family entertainment centers, ropes courses, and more.

FlightLine was designed to be bigger, badder, and higher, with jumps from 24.5 meters (80 feet) and a free fall that ranges from 3.75 m (12.3 ft) for the FlightLine with a 4.5 m Ripcord in a 'jump under' configuration to an amazing 8.25 m (27 ft) on the FlightLine with a 6m RipCord in a 'jump over' configuration – which is almost three stories of free fall before being safely caught and lowered to the ground.

With these much higher jumps, FlightLine is engineered to mitigate the concerns that come with the greater heights, with a more robust design and a staged braking framework that provides for even longer free fall sensations. FlightLine also offers a 'jump-over' configuration option not available with QUICKjump, allowing jumpers to jump from a device mounted beneath them (adding an additional element of excitement and adrenaline).

Take a look at our mounting height infographic to get an idea of which free fall device is right for you.
See the graphic in meters.
See the graphic in feet.

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From our partners and customers:

FlightLine Highlights

  • Staged universal braking system for a variety of user weights – from 34-113 kg (75-250 lbs)
  • Higher throughput compared with competing systems
  • Low maintenance and upkeep
  • Uses our proprietary magnetic braking technology and patent-pending safety arrest and webbing systems for smooth and consistent braking
  • The webbing is stitched with an integrated Overload Protection Assembly (OPA) for extra defense against excessive deceleration (and the OPA has a durable, removable cover to shield it from the elements)
  • Equipped with a digital cycle counter to help customers track the use of each unit


  • Dimensions: 615 mm x 457 mm x 234 mm (24.2 in x 18 in x 9.2 in)
  • Device Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
  • Rated Working Capacity: 34 to 113 kg (75 to 250 lbs)

Safety Standards

  • ASTM F2291-11: Standard Practice for Design of Amusement Rides and Devices

FlightLine RipCord Options

FlightLine device FlightLine comes with three RipCord options to provide operators maximum flexibility in designing their park attraction. The longer RipCord lengths increase the free fall distance and mounting heights (the length of the Ripcord roughly equates to the length of the free fall, but with our staged braking system the free fall feeling is extended even further before the FlightLine catches the jumper and lowers them to the ground).

RipCord options by the numbers

Distances provided are for our standard overhead mounting configuration, and are from the device nozzle to the ground. Other configurations can change mounting height.

  • 4.5m RipCord: Minimum mounting height of 18.5m (60 ft), maximum mounting height of 23m (75 ft)
  • 6m RipCord: Minimum mounting height of 20m (65 ft), maximum mounting height of 24.5m (80 ft)

Get an idea of the FlightLine experience...

Want to know what it's like to jump into nothing but air from 80+ feet above the ground and free fall for 6m (almost 20 feet)?

Here's some video of jumps taken from an Adventure Tower in Colorado.