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Head Rush: Engineering the Best Adventure Products

Head Rush Technologies works to advance the climbing, zip line, and adventure industries through solutions-oriented design and engineering. Each of Head Rush’s adventure products are designed to create the best user experience possible while also improving business operations through higher efficiency and throughput. Our patented magnetic braking technology makes our devices uniquely reliable, low maintenance, and comfortable for participants.

As a young company, Head Rush Technologies is just getting started. Our TRUBLUE Auto Belay is already the most widely used and most trusted auto belay in the world. Our free fall devices, QUICKjump and FlightLine, have earned a reputation as fun, unique challenges for kids and extreme thrill seekers alike. Our zipSTOP Zip Line Brake, trolleys, and accessories are strengthening Head Rush’s role as a leader in the zip line industry.

That’s just the beginning, though. We’ll keep tinkering, improving, and innovating to come up with new solutions to familiar problems. Have a persistent problem or do you see an opportunity for improvement? We’re always looking for ways to improve climbing and adventure experiences for the participants and the operators.

We look forward to continue working with the many great people in these exciting, adventurous industries.

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Jenna Stadsvold