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Free Fall Drop at the Utah Olympic Park

The Utah Olympic Park in Park City was the venue for the 2002 Winter Olympics, hosting the bobsled, skeleton, ski jumping, and luge events. There is plenty to do on a visit to the park, and it’s open all year. Everyone will enjoy a visit to the museums and watching the freestyle show at the training pools where skiers and snowboarded practice their tricks. For the adventurous, the Utah Olympic park has a number of activities that will get your heart pumping, including an epic free fall drop ride.

One adrenaline activity is the Drop Tower. You’ll zip line over to the 65-foot tall tower, but from there you’ll have to jump! The Drop Tower is equipped with Head Rush’s QUICKjump Free Fall device for a thrilling free fall followed by a soft catch to be lowered to the ground. Some leap without a second thought while many people have to convince their feet to leave the sturdy tower and take to the air.

Kids and adults alike enjoy the challenge and the thrill of the jump!

Video Transcription

We’re at the Utah Olympic Park, my name’s Scott Kauf. We have a lot of different mountain adventure activities, and we serve during the summer about 55,000 guests, so it’s a buzz of activity, you might say.

One of the most exciting things we have at the park here is our QUICKjump. The adrenaline junkies just gravitate right to it. It’s a 371 foot zip-line across to a 65 foot tower. At that point they are transferred onto the QUICKjump. We get a lot of people that zip across and they have no hesitation. They just will bonsai right off the tower. And then you get the other spectrum of people getting up there, you can literally feel the tower shaking because their knees are wobbling.

We opted to take the extra step and do the ripcord just because it certainly raises a true sensation of free fall because everything tells you in your mind, you’re saying, “Yep, everything’s good. I’m feeling good.” And then you step off and it’s kinda like, “Oh!” [laughter] For just that moment, and that’s what we’re all kinda after.

It’s just one of those activities, thrill-based activity, really gets the adrenaline going for people.

Jenna Stadsvold