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FlightLine free fall drop ride

An Extreme Free Fall Drop Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

It’s counterintuitive to think that people would pay good money or stand in lines to scare themselves, but millions and millions of amusement park guests would say otherwise. Thrill rides and amusement parks grow bigger and badder each year, and we can’t get enough. These thrill rides combine the elements of height, speed, and the unknown to make new experiences that make us scream and challenge our bravery. For operators looking for that next thrill to bring in the fans, we have your new favorite extreme free fall with the FlightLine Free Fall Device.

The FlightLine Free Fall Device combines all the essential elements of thrill rides that people love: height, speed, and the unexpected.



Imagine standing at the edge of a platform that is 80 feet above the ground. There is nothing but air in front of you, and you’re getting ready to step off that platform. It’s not like skydiving where the ground is an abstract landscape far, far away, and in fact some say it’s scarier than skydiving. From a FlightLine platform, the ground is right there staring back at you at a much more comprehensible distance. Your brain has a very good idea of what it means to jump from these heights, so it will be screaming “NO!” as you prepare to take that step into thin air.

Even those who seek out adrenaline activates might hesitate with FlightLine Free Fall, and it’s the reason why FlightLine is one of the most extreme free falls around. With mounting heights from 60 – 80 feet (18.5m – 24.5m), the FlightLine offers one of the highest free falls to challenge thrill seekers and brave adventurers.



The rush of FlightLine is unlike anything else, and this free fall device is fully powered by gravity. When you take that step off the platform, gravity takes control and pulls you down. Jumpers enjoy the rush of air around them and enough time in free fall for the feeling of flight to fully register. Even with a fast free fall, jumpers are always pleasantly surprised to find that FlightLine offers a very gentle catch.


The Unexpected

FlightLine offers a unique thrill that amusement enthusiasts have never seen before, and this alone adds an element of the unexpected that ups the ante on the FlightLine’s fear factor. FlightLine also has two mounting options: the standard mounting where the device is above participants or the jump over configuration where the device is below participants and under the platform. The jump over configuration adds an extra element of the unknown because jumpers can’t see the device; it’s a small detail that makes a big difference.



One of the major elements that separates FlightLine from other free falls is that participants have to commit to taking that step off the platform; there is no operator who presses a button or pulls a level to start the ride. You have to take that first step into thin air! Would you hesitate at the edge when faced with an 80 foot drop and 36 feet of free fall?


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Jenna Stadsvold