Arboreal Tree Climbing System

Arboreal Tree Climbing System The Arboreal Tree Climbing System is the perfect way to create a thrilling or skills-building adventure – all you need is a tree, pole, or column to create a fun challenge for climbers of all ages and abilities.

It's ideal for a camp activity, ropes course or challenge course element, as an addition to a theme park or zoo, or even as a standalone adventure in a backyard. It also works on indoor climbing poles in family entertainment centers, rec centers, and more.

It’s designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments and its sturdy enough to support climbers and their gear, while also while being gentle on trees. And its modular design makes it simple to change the location, placement, routes, or handhold difficulty, which lets you easily update routes and keep climbers coming back for more.

Why We Developed the Arboreal Tree Climbing System

With the success of our TRUBLUE Auto Belays and QUICKjump Free Fall devices in the outdoor space, we were getting feedback from camps, resorts, ropes course operators, and others who wanted to extend their activities in new ways. One of the things that almost all of them had in common was trees. There were some tree climbing systems available for outdoor use, but with our successful history in building climbing walls and handholds it was a natural extension for us to let our engineers loose on the problems and make something better.

We quickly realized we could design exactly what our customers wanted – an easy and cost-effective way to add a multi-faceted climbing adventure in a very a small footprint, using just their existing trees, a top-quality set of handholds designed just for outdoor tree climbing, and our existing devices.

Modular Design for Maximum Flexibility

The Arboreal Tree Climbing System lets you create advanced climbing scenarios unachievable with existing recreational tree climbing equipment. You can route-set as you would in a climbing gym to make the activity exciting and fun, putting up routes of varying difficulty levels that are also easy to change to keep climbers coming back for more.

The system is composed of three basic components:

  • Straps that securely fasten around a tree, pole, or column
  • Base Plates that can fit anywhere on the strap, to attach the climbing hold
  • Handholds that easily attach to the plates and were engineered for use on trees, with three-hundred unique designs in varying colors and shapes

Prepackaged Sets for Easy Ordering

Example of an Arboreal tree climbing setThe Arboreal System is typically sold in predefined sets for easy ordering. Each set is calculated based on the height and diameter of the tree and includes a certain quantity of base plates, straps and holds (though they may also be sold in bulk or a la carte, if you want to design your own tree climbing adventure).

You can also order special Performance Sets that provide for more than one handhold per strap. A greater number of handholds allow for fun and creative route setting and a physically and mentally exciting ascent, and it's just one of the things that makes the Arboreal System superior to other tree climbing systems.

See Arboreal in Action

The canopy is the limit with the Arboreal Climbing System. From a small setup in the backyard to adventure experiences in the rainforest, go climb a tree with Arboreal.

You can create climbing challenges for all ages at various heights. Create short challenges or add rope or auto belay protection to climb into the canopy.

Related Products for Creating a Full Adventure System

The Arboreal system is typically sold to provide the fun and thrill of climbing where a suitable tree or column exists. It can also be sold for utilitarian purposes as well, such as aerial adventure course access, treehouse access, hunting blind access, utility pole access, etc., where route setting isn't as important as is having access to another activity. That makes it perfect for eco-tourism destinations, aerial adventure courses, vacation resorts, family entertainment centers, recreation centers and YMCAs, ski resorts and more.

Adventure Ledge with TRUBLUE and QUICKjumpBut with our other products, we make it easy to build a multi-faceted adventure in a very small footprint.

  • Adding a TRUBLUE for fall protection (on taller trees) lets you create higher and higher climbs
    • The Universal Mount is specifically designed for attaching a TRUBLUE securely to a tree
  • Adding a QUICKjump Free Fall Device gives you an immediate, high-profile free fall attraction for your activity space
    • A QUICKjump Modular Mount securely attaches a QUICKjump to a tree and provides the adequate amount of distance between the tree and jumper