Our Patented Technology

Our devices use eddy current magnetic braking to provide a smooth and reliable experience. Eddy currents are forces that occur when non-magnetic metals move past magnets and through the magnetic fields. This braking all occurs without any contacting parts.

How is eddy current braking used in our devices?

In our devices, a retraction spring winds the webbing into the device. When the webbing is pulled out by a participant’s weight, centrifugal force sends aluminum rotor arms spinning into the magnetic field of stationary magnets within the device. This movement creates the eddy currents within the aluminum arms, named for their circular motion like eddies in a river. The force of the eddy currents within the aluminum arms oppose the force of the magnetic field, therefor providing braking and slowing the release of webbing from the auto belay.

Our braking system is self-regulating, meaning it adjusts automatically based on the participant’s weight. A heavier participant will pull the webbing out at a faster rate, causing the rotor arms to move faster and further into the magnetic field to provide increased braking force. This allows a wide range of weights to enjoy a similar and consistent experience.

What are the benefits of eddy current braking?

There are many benefits of incorporating eddy current braking into our products. Our devices are:

  • Low maintenance – Because the braking is magnetic there aren't any contacting parts in the braking system and no components to wear out or fail, and that means less maintenance and a low ownership cost for our devices
  • Self-regulating – Because the braking system is self regulating our devices can accommodate a wide range of weights, so children and adults alike have a consistent experience
  • Smooth and comfortable – Whether jumping, descending or approaching a platform, the experience is smooth and comfortable


The advanced technology inside many of our devices is is covered by
U.S. Pat No’s. 8,490,751; 8,851,235; 9,016,435 and D654,412 and corresponding patents in other countries worldwide.

Technology Video

This video explains the science behind our patented magnetic eddy current braking and how we implement this technology in our devices.

It also covers the benefits to users of our equipment.